Crafting With Family


Educational Fun To Enjoy With Your Child

When your child is on a break from school you may notice that all they want to do is watch cartoons, play video games and spend their time not thinking. While some of this can be good, you do want to do some things to keep them thinking and doing some learning over their breaks, so they can jump right back in to their school work and learning as soon as they get back

3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing Fabric For Children's Clothing

If you like to make your own clothing and have decided that you want to try your hand at making children's clothing, you need to think carefully about the fabric that you choose for their clothing. You need fabric that is washable and comfortable and that doesn't wrinkle easily. Washable One of the biggest factors when choosing which fabric to use to make kid's clothi

Tips For Using Balloon Decorations For Your Event

Balloons can be an integral part of your decorations for an event that you are needing to organize. Unfortunately, it can be possible for individuals to make mistakes or oversights when using balloons to decorate for their events. in order to avoid making these errors, you should follow some simple guidelines throughout this process. Allow Ample Set Up Time For These

Cake Paint Is A Thing, And It May Be Just What Your Craft Project Needs

Craft paints offer a range of colors and application methods, but if you really want to find a paint that you can let your kids use without fear, take a look at cake paint. This is a real thing -- some recipes are so simple that you can make them yourself, though you can get commercial edible paints and inks -- and it is safe enough for your children to use without mu